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2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Academic English for Graduates

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Academic English for graduate students consists of three non-credit modules covering effective writing (ENGL 123), academic reading (ENGL 124), listening and speaking (ENGL 125). Students who are taking all their required modules may take other courses at the same time, thus enabling them to apply what they are learning in these modules to what they will be expected to do in other graduate courses. Grading in these modules is on a Pass/Fail system.

ENGL 123 meets for two hours two times a week, while the other two modules (ENGL 124 and 125) meet for two hours one time per week. Students who have part-time or full-time jobs are strongly advised not to attempt other undergraduate or graduate courses until they have completed their academic English requirements. Students enrolled in any of the modules are expected to spend at least three hours per week outside of class in preparation for each weekly class meeting of each module in which they are enrolled (e.g., a student enrolled in three modules should expect to spend at least 9 hours per week outside class plus eight hours per week in class). 

  Required Academic English modules         Students may take
  3 modules   One undergraduate course
  2 modules   One undergraduate or one graduate course
  1 module   Two undergraduate or graduate courses

Any student who withdraws from a module must first withdraw from any non-ENGL courses. Students who fail any given module(s) may repeat the module(s) twice. Students who are repeating a given module will not be allowed to take concurrent courses without the written approval of the coordinator of Academic English for graduates. Students who fail the same module three times will be disqualified but may apply for readmission. Applicants for readmission must score high enough on the TOEFL (plus TWE) to be exempt from English courses as they will not be allowed to return to ENGL 123-125.

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