Oct 04, 2022  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Honors Program in Political Science (B.A.)

Students may apply for admission to the Honors program following completion of 24 credit hours in Political Science or more with a minimum major GPA of 3.4 and must maintain this GPA to continue in the honors program.
Requirements: 45 credits in Political Science as follows:
A. Concentration requirements: 30 - 33 cr.
B. Honors Requirements: 9 credits
C. Political Science Elective Courses: 3-6 credits

C. Political Science Electives: 3-6 credits.

If students took POLS 1001  : 6 credits chosen from political science courses
If students took POLS 2003  : 3 credits chosen from political science courses.

Students may count those electives towards the pursuit of one of the BA in Political Science specializations. Requirements for each specialization are listed in the BA in Political Science entry in the catalog.

Other Requirements:

Students must complete the general electives and the collateral courses required of all Political Science majors to fulfill the degree requirement of 120 credits.
Any students with a failing grade in any of the Honors courses (POLS 4000 POLS 4104 , and POLS 4099  ) will be automatically excluded from the Honors program. Such students need to change their majors to BA in Political Science and will only graduate with a BA in Political Science.