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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

First-Year Experience Program



First-Year Program (FYP) Orientation


A mandatory orientation introducing new students to the academic and social culture of AUC, as well as the policies and support services with which all students should be familiar. Students attending the FYP orientation will engage in both classroom and out-of-class activities.


This orientation familiarizes new degree-seeking students with knowledge of the purposes and expectations of liberal arts education, AUC culture, student rights and responsibilities, and academic, personal and social competencies necessary for college success; it also equips them with the skills to become self-reliant in the use of university information resources, and in identifying relevant service offices when needed; finally it promotes the values of respect and appreciation for the institution, fellow members of the AUC community, and the learning experience.


All admitted undergraduate degree-seeking students, including students entering the ELI, will take part in the FYP Orientation.
Transfer students, international non-degree students (e.g. study abroad), and new graduate students are not included in this program.


Class content is created and approved by the Dean of Students. Classes are facilitated by trained senior undergraduate students. Staff from the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Student Life provide managerial and logistical oversight, as well as mentoring. 

Student leaders organize social events to help first year students integrate and make social connections with other incoming students and peer leaders.


The FYP is designed as a thematic-based experiential learning program that includes interactive classroom sessions, outdoor hands-on activities, and a large social event. Each of the program days covers a theme that highlights a key area of knowledge essential for success in the first year.

Attendance and Successful Completion

First year students are required to attend all days of this program. Students who miss the entire FYP orientation or a portion thereof will be required to demonstrate knowledge of the material covered by the orientation by successfully passing an online quiz. The quiz will be administered later in the semester, but before registration takes place for the following semester. Students have two chances to pass the quiz, and tutorial materials are provided in advance to students to prepare for the quiz.


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