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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Architecture (M.Sc.)

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The Department of Architecture offers a Master of Science in Architecture (M Sc) degree. The program intends to provide opportunities for Egyptian and international students to pursue graduate studies at AUC.
The program focuses on finding and building connections between Architecture and other relevant disciplines at AUC. Exploring these connections is inherent in the essence of architecture as a multidisciplinary domain, always seeking new questions and finding alternate paths by bridging with other domains. The new program also capitalizes on the rich cultural and heritage background in Egypt. These can form strong basis for unique architectural investigations that are rooted in Egypt and the Middle-East, and are of interest to many international scholars. 
Graduates of the program will become excellent candidates for the local and international graduate architectural studies and architectural design firms. They will be well equipped to pursue their PhD studies and conduct scientific research upon completion of the MSc. Degree.

The program of study for each student is planned with the faculty advisor and should focus on one (or more) of five areas of study:
1. Urban Regeneration and Heritage (bridge with Human and Social Sciences, Global and Public Policy, Egyptology, Islamic art and History)
2. Sustainability in Architecture (bridge with Engineering, GREN and GAPP)
3. Architectural Computing (bridge with Sciences and Engineering)
4. Architectural Studies (bridge with Human and Social Sciences, Business, Special Needs, and the Arts)
5. Real Estate Development (bridge with Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship) 

The objectives of the Master of Science in Architecture are to:
1. Enable students to learn how to bridge between architecture and other disciplines in order to develop a responsive built environment.
2. Enable students to explore the nature and substance of other field(s) to identify overlaps and value to address architectural issues.
3. Develop an understanding of the interplay of economic, social, psychological and tectonic aspects in shaping the built environment.
4. Develop an understanding of the past, present and future paradigms of Architecture.
5. Reflect on “What’s Next”, pose relevant questions, explore different directions, paths, or modes of thinking and frames of mind derived from a clear contextual understanding.
6. Develop competence in the formulation of, conduct and pursue of comprehensive research questions integrating other related disciplines.

Learning Outcomes of the Master of Science in Architecture:
Graduates of the Master of Science in Architecture will be able to:
1. Demonstrate sufficient academic and applied skills in architecture for employment within the architectural international and local firms and/or pursue a PhD degree in Architecture.
2. Demonstrate critical thinking towards architectural current paradigms towards making an impact in the future of the architectural domain.
3. Demonstrate awareness of the issues inherent in the multidisciplinary nature of the built environment and address them in a comprehensive and inclusive way.
4. Demonstrate awareness of the issues inherent in the rich culture and heritage of Egypt and the Middle East with a critical eye to relevant contexts
5. Work individually or within multidisciplinary teams and provide leadership to integrate different specialized groups.

A candidate for the Masters of Science program in Architecture must have a B.Sc. degree in Architecture or allied disciplines. Admission is also subject to the general university requirements for the graduate program including English language proficiency. A research proposal assessed by the graduate faculty committee is required for admission to ensure a acceptable level of research capabilities. Students who have some deficiency in their undergraduate training but are well-qualified in other aspects may be admitted provisionally. The Department of Architecture may prescribe a program of noncredit work to make up for the deficiency.

Courses (24 credit hours)

A minimum of eight courses (24 credit hours) is required. Courses are to be selected from the following categories

II. Research Methods Courses (6 credit hours)

III. Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Based on the specific ‘bridge’ and according to the focus of the research, students are directed to take at least 3 non - architecture 4000-/5000-level courses (with a maximum of two 4000-level courses) from other disciplines at AUC that are selected for their relevance and contribution to the research subject. The selected courses could be from Engineering, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Humanities, Management and other related graduate (or 4000-level courses subject to advisor and chair’s approval). Any of those courses should not be from the student’s undergraduate major (unless recommended by the advisor and approved by the graduate committee).

Thesis (9 credit hours)

Graduate thesis work is a required part of the Master of Science in Architecture degree program. Each student must submit a thesis topic that has been approved by a faculty advisor by the end of the first academic year. Various research topics are discussed in  ENGR 590/5940 - Graduate Thesis Seminar (3 cr.)  . Students must complete ENGR 590/5940 - Graduate Thesis Seminar (3 cr.)  before registering for thesis credits. To ensure adequate faculty consultation on the thesis, the student must register for ARCH 000/5290 - Research Guidance Thesis (3 cr.)  , by the completion of 18 credit hours. Students must register in ARCH 000/5290 - Research Guidance Thesis (3 cr.)  for at least two semesters. The first two registrations in ARCH 000/5290 - Research Guidance Thesis (3 cr.)  must be for three credit hours, after that ARCH 000/5290 - Research Guidance Thesis (3 cr.)  is taken for one credit hour each semester until completion of the program requirements.

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