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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Management of Information and Communication Technology (B.B.A.)

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology (MICT)

The study of Management of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) is designed with a particular focus to adapt its content in a local context congruent with the needs of Egyptian organizations and capable of addressing IT challenges that arise in such organizations. The MICT curriculum provides students with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while enabling them to develop expertise in business management and information technology. This program is a joint degree between the School of Business (BUS) and the School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE).

Students who select a major in MICT should be able to function as a user advocate and select, create, apply, integrate and administer computing technologies to meet the needs of users within a societal and organizational context. Equipped with this knowledge, the students enrolled in the major will be able to analyze, design and manage information and communication technology infrastructure.

All MICT declaration-of-major applicants must have completed not less than 27 credit hours of study including the three courses listed below (with an average of B+ or more).

ACCT 2001  , CSCE 1001  , MACT 2222  

Admission to the major is competitive. Eligible students will be ranked and selected based on the cumulative GPA requirement (weight of 75%) as well as the average GPA in the three courses required (weight of 25%).

Overall GPA of 100%

= Cumulative GPA is 75%


[average GPA in ( ACCT 2001  , CSCE 1001  , MACT 2222 )]* 25%

Students who seek the MICT degree are not permitted to have a major or a minor in accounting.

Students must complete a minimum of 131 credit hours for the MICT degree with no more than 63 hours of courses in the business area.

Course Requirements

(Total Credit = 131 with no more than 63 hours of courses in the business area)

Course No.  Cr.
  * (P) 3
  * (P) 3
  * (P) 3
  (P) 3
  (P) 3
LALT 101 (P) 0
Natural Sc + Lab (P) 4
Humanity (P/S) 3
Social Sc. (P/S) 3
Arab World Studies (S) Θ 3
Arab World Studies (S) Θ 3
International World Studies (S) 3
Core Capstone Course (C) 3
Core Capstone Course (C) 3
Total 37

General Electives / Minor

Course No. Cr.
Total 6

(P) Primary level courses taken during first 3 Semesters.
(S) Secondary level courses taken by students’ 6th Semester.
(C) Capstone level courses taken during students’ last 2 Semesters.
* Students exempted from RHET 1000  or RHET 1100  or RHET 2010  must take any RHET 300 or 400 course.
√ Non-Thanaweya Amma arabic language holders may be required to take 0-6 credits depending on Arabic placement test score.
ΘThanaweya Amma arabic language students may not take Arabic Literature in Translation

Before declaration:
  • Students must have completed 27 cr. hrs.

The following courses must be taken with an average of B+:

Business Core Requirements (33 credits)

BADM 203/2001 - Introduction to Business (3 cr.)  


ENTR 413/4102 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 cr.)  

FINC 303/2101 - Business Finance I (3 cr.)  


MKTG 302/2101 - Principles of Marketing (3 cr.)  
MKTG 405/3201 - Marketing Research (3 cr.)  
MOIS 305/2101 - Introduction to Information Systems/Technology (3 cr.)  
MOIS 406/3201 - Management Information Systems and Database Management (3 cr.)  
OPMG 401/4301 - Supply Chain Management (3 cr.)   

Collateral Requirements (18 credits)

ECON 216/2061 - Mathematics for Economists I (3 cr.)  Ψ
MACT 210/2222 - Statistics for Business (3 cr.)  

Ψ ECON 2061   can be replaced by  MACT 1121  / MACT 1122  (for BADM & ACCT majors only)

MOIS Concentration Requirements (15 credits)

MOIS 430/4202 - Business Information Systems Analysis and Development (3 cr.)  

  (double counted with Core Capstone)
One course to be selected from the MOIS area:
MOIS 432/3601 - Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence (3 cr.)  

One course to be selected from the MOIS area:

MOIS 466/3401 - Human Computer Interaction (HCI) (3 cr.) 


Computer Science Requirements (22 credits)

CSCE 000/1102 - Fundamentals of Computing II Lab (1 cr.)  

Three courses to be selected from the CSCE area:



CSCE 325/3104 - Concepts of Programming Languages (3 cr.)  

CSCE 341/3701 - Software Engineering (3 cr.)  

  CSCE 453/4501 - Database Systems (3 cr.)  



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