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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Global and Public Affairs Minor

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Offered by the Public Policy and Administration Department, the minor in Global and Public Affairs is designed to give undergraduate students a deeper appreciation of the challenges in organizing the state and public management in a global context. The minor introduces students to the conduct of government and diplomacy, learning about policy and how it is made, implemented, and evaluated, including role of different institutions and actors in shaping policy outcomes. Students are introduced to public management issues in nonprofit and government agencies, including setting strategies, developing operational plans, and managing human and financial resources to achieve desired outcome. The program is designed to prepare students for a broad range of careers that are focused on the resolution of public issues in government, the non-profit sector and global intergovernmental organizations.

The Minor is open to all undergraduate students from different majors with no minimum grades or certain GPA. Students who wish to pursue the GPA minor can declare it at any point of their undergraduate studies.  Advising for the minor is provided by the undergraduate advisors in Public Policy and Administration Department.

Required Courses (9 credits)

PPAD 299/2099 - Selected Topics for the Core Curriculum (3 cr.)  - Core Curriculum - Secondary Level

PPAD 308/3198 - Management in Government (3 cr.)  - Core Curriculum- Secondary Level

PPAD 000/4111 - Fundamentals of Public Policy and Administration (3 cr.)  

Elective Courses (6 credits)

PPAD 000/4113 - Selected Topics in Global and Public Affairs (3 cr.)    

PPAD 540/5161 - Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (3 cr.)  - Core Curriculum - Capstone

PPAD 519/5124 - Leadership and Communication for Public Affairs (3 cr.)  

PPAD 000/5174 - Internship in Public and Non-Profit Organizations (3 cr.)  

The above mentioned PPAD graduate courses cannot be double counted for students pursuing a PPAD graduate degree.

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