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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Counseling Psychology (M.A.)

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Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology program will help students develop skills and knowledge that are needed to provide counseling services to individuals, couples, and groups struggling with psychosocial issues and mental illness. The program emphasizes experiential learning and exposes students to methods of psychological practice that are ethically responsible and culturally appropriate to Egypt and the region.


The applicant should have a minimum of 3.0 GPA in undergraduate studies; if the student has a Masters in a related field already, a 3.0 GPA will also be expected at that level. The applicant should have also completed an undergraduate major in psychology and/or the completion of a minimum of 12 credits (or equivalent) in psychology or related social/behavioral sciences including: Statistics, Research Design, and Abnormal Psychology. Admission is competitive, and dependent on successful interview.

While applications are accepted and evaluated during both the fall and spring application periods, the program course sequence only starts in the fall semester. Admitted students with course prerequisite requirements and/or English language requirements, must complete these requirements before being allowed to enroll in the program classes. Completion of these prerequisites can take up to a year, so applicants who do not have an undergraduate degree in psychology are encouraged to apply during the fall application period in order to have enough time to meet the prerequisite requirements before the start of the program.

Language Requirement

The applicant should demonstrate proficiency in the English language in accordance with AUC standards.

Courses (48 credit hours)

Course work for the Master of Art requires the completion of 48 credits as follows:

4. Optional Thesis

A thesis is not required for the MA in Counseling Psychology. However, students may wish to complete a thesis if they want to explore a specific research area or if they are planning to enroll in a Ph.D. program. In consultation with the graduate director, students who plan to complete a thesis will substitute PSYC 5299 , Research Guidance and Thesis with either of the following courses:

PSYC 550/5281 - Couples Counseling and Human Sexuality (3 cr.)  

PSYC 000/5271 - Career Development and Counseling (3 cr.)  

The optional thesis must be written in English and submitted in accordance with university regulations. Students should familiarize themselves with procedures outlined in the graduate handbook regarding committee selection, writing of the thesis, presentation to the supervisor and readers, and defense of the thesis. Complying with the procedural requirements within the specified time sequence is the responsibility of the student.

5. Professional Competence Requirements

In order to ensure that students have the maturity and professional skills needed to act as a counselor, they will undergo a formal evaluation of professional competence, and a remedial plan if appropriate. This evaluation is conducted by a faculty committee prior to enrollment in Practicum I, Practicum II, and Internship I and Internship II. If a student fails to meet competency standards they will not be allowed to continue in the program.

It is an ethical violation for a student to practice psychological counseling and testing beyond their level of competence. If a student is found to be working or volunteering in a capacity that is beyond their competence, they will be reviewed for dismissal from the program.

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