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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Business and Entrepreneurship (B.B.E.)

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Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship (BBE)

A successful economic future for Egypt and the Middle East is highly concerned with a basic understanding of the principles and practices of business as they apply to firms in a dynamic environment. The business administration curriculum provides students with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while enabling them to develop expertise in business management and practices. Major emphasis is placed on the role of business in Egypt and the Middle East. This new program is built on the previous BBA program, with additional emphasis on business integration and entrepreneurship to cater to the current market needs for graduates with holistic business knowledge & entrepreneurial skills.

Declaration Policy

The number of students accepted in the Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship program is limited and is filled through the declaration of major process.

Students who seek to be admitted to the Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship program should apply in their third semester. Students seeking to declare the BBE program must have completed not less than 27 credit hours of study including the four courses listed below.

Based on the available space, a limited number of students who have successfully completed these courses and who meet the declaration requirements as determined by the department will be accepted in the major. The selection of students into the BBE Major is competitive and will depend on the calculation of an equal weighted score between:

I. Overall GPA

The Overall GPA will be calculated using the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 27 credit hours must be completed.
  • All courses a student has completed will be included in the calculation, excluding, in certain cases, the course with the lowest grade*.

* A student could be eligible to have his/her lowest grade excluded from the calculation of the Overall GPA if he/she has completed 30 or more credit hours.

II. Major GPA

The Major GPA based will be calculated using the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 12 credit hours of courses related to the Business Major must be completed.
  • All Business Major courses, including collateral courses, that the student has completed will be included in the calculation.
  • Admission to the Business & Entrepreneurship major is competitive. Eligible students will be ranked and selected based on their weighted grade point average.

Declaration GPA = Major GPA*50% + Overall GPA*50%

Students who seek the BBE Degree are NOT permitted to:

  • Double major within the same department (i.e. BBF, BBM or MICT).
  • Minor in Business Administration or Entrepreneurship.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 127 credit hours for the Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship degree in the following areas: I. Core Curriculum (37 credits), II. Collateral Requirements (18 credits), III. Business Core Requirements (45 credits), IV. Track Requirements (15 credits), V. General Electives (12 credits).

I. Core Curriculum (37 credits)

The remaining 3 credit hours required to satisfy the Core are fulfilled by completing the course BADM 480/4001 - Business Planning and Strategy (3 cr.) .

IV. Track Requirements (15 credits)

Choose one Track from:

V. General Electives (12 credits)

CO-OP (3 cr.)

Students majoring within the School of Business who meet other relevant criteria are eligible to apply for the optional BUSC 000/4000 - Experiential Learning : CO-OP (3 cr.)  as part of their general electives. Selection is highly competitive, subject to limited capacity, and based on criteria set by the School of Business. Students enrolled in BUSC 4000  are not permitted to concurrently enroll in any other course.

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