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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Data Science (B.Sc.)

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The advances in communication and information technologies have given rise to the availability of huge datasets (Big Data). The datasets contain a wealth of knowledge. Data Science is the study of generalizable extraction of knowledge from data. Being a data scientist requires an integrated skill set spanning mathematics, statistics, machine learning, databases and programming languages as well as a good understanding of real-world problem formulation and effective solutions.

Data Science is a new interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary field. It is experiencing very rapid growth due to the availability of huge and complex real-world data. The demand for data science education has been increasing at very large rates. Accordingly, we need to move away from the traditional way of teaching statistics to meet the needs of the modern world for data scientist who can use modern analytic techniques and tools for analyzing data, especially big data.

Data scientists need to be able to deal with the problems associated with the current and future types and amounts of data and to solve the kind of problems associated with them Data scientists need to know how to use modern computer languages and/or packages such as R and Python.

The Data Science Program introduces students to this rapidly growing field and equip them with its basic principles and tools with the main objective of solving real-world problems. Students will learn concepts, techniques and tools they need to deal with various facets of data science practice, including data collection and integration, data editing, exploratory data analysis, predictive modeling, descriptive modeling, data product creation, evaluation, and effective communication. Working with data requires the mastery of a variety of skills and concepts, including many traditionally associated with the fields of probability, statistics, mathematics, and computational science.

The Data Science Program prepares students for positions within Egypt, where the demand for Data Scientists (for example, in banks, other financial institutions, and communication companies) greatly exceed their supply. Also there is a wide variety of jobs in Egypt, in multi-national companies, and international institutions abroad, where training in Data Science (mathematics, probability, statistics, computing science) is essential.

A total of 130 credits is required for the bachelor’s degree in Data Science. Students may be exempted from the MACT 131/1121 - Calculus I (3cr.)  requirement based on high school certificate and score in mathematics or by passing a placement examination.

Core Curriculum Requirements (34 credits)

The remaining 6 credit hours required to satisfy the core are fulfilled by the concentration Science (3 crs) and the DSCI 000/4416 - Capstone l (Data Science Senior Project l) (1 cr.)  and DSCI 000/4417 - Capstone l (Data Science Project ll) (2 cr.) . Data Science students must take 1 credit hour of Natural Science lab.

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