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2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

International and Comparative Law (Graduate Diploma)

The Graduate Diploma in International and Comparative Law is intended for law school graduates seeking to update their knowledge in international and comparative law and to acquire the intellectual tools to advance academically and professionally. The Graduate Diploma in International and Comparative Law offers the possibility to explore in depth a range of topics in international and comparative law. With a flexible curriculum, students may shape their schedules to focus on the topics of their interest. The Fulfillment of the requirements of the Graduate Diploma, normally calls for two semesters of study.


The applicant for admission to the Graduate Diploma in International and Comparative Law should have an acceptable bachelor’s degree in law, political science or a closely related social science (preferably with a minor in political science or law studies) with a grade of gayyid (good) or its equivalent for full admission. Students lacking the grade requirement may be eligible to be considered for provisional admission (as specified in the AUC catalog supra). Acceptance is by decision of the Law Faculty Committee, which may grant provisional admission pending the fulfillment of certain conditions. English language proficiency is required as per general AUC graduate admission requirements. Admitted degree candidates should normally start their course sequence in the fall semester. Students enrolled in the AUC English Language Institute must complete all ELI Courses and modules before being allowed to enroll in Law Classes. For these students, spring enrollment is allowed.

Following admission to the Diploma in International and Comparative Law, students may apply for admission to the LLM program in International and Comparative Law. As a minimum enabling condition, students need to achieve a B+ grade average at the end of their Diploma studies. The application may be submitted at the end of the fulfillment of the Diploma requirements. If the application is successful, credits earned during the diploma will count towards the LLM, given that the Diploma curriculum is identical with the curriculum of the first year of the LLM program. Upon completion of the LLM requirements the student will receive only the LLM degree and therefore not the Diploma.


The Graduate Diploma requires 18 credit hours.

Two courses are required:



Students will be able to take up to four courses as electives. The Law Department’s approval is required for electives offered by other departments.