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2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Biology (B.Sc.) with concentrations in Marine Biology or Molecular and Cell Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The undergraduate program at AUC offers interested students a liberal education in biological sciences, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The program provides graduates the broad background necessary in today’s job market and prepares them for graduate and professional schools.

Students with a B.Sc. degree in biology are securing positions in the growing fields in industry and in academia. The recent advances in biology have created important new industries in genetic engineering, biomedicine, biotechnology, and pharmacology. Students with ambitions beyond the bachelor level are entering graduate schools and professional schools (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine).

Students wishing to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in biology will be required to take a total of 132 credits. Out of the 132 credits 33 credits are allocated for ‘Core Curriculum’, 25 credits for ‘Collateral Requirements’, 9 credits for ‘General Electives’ and 16 credits for upper level courses. Students can be granted a Concentration in Molecular and Cell Biology or Marine Biology concentration after completion of 16 credits from the required respective courses.

Core Curriculum (33 credits)

The remaining 7 credit hours required to satisfy the core are fulfilled by the concentration Science/lab (4 cr.) and the capstone projects BIOL 495/4980 - Senior Research Thesis (1 cr.) and BIOL 496/4981 - Seminar in Biology (2 cr.)

Biology Requirements (62 credits)

General electives (9 credits)

Concentration in Marine Biology

The Department of Biology offers a concentration in Marine Biology to provide students the opportunity to thoroughly study the marine resources and habitats of our planet, in particular those of Egypt (Red Sea and Mediterranean).

The Concentration in Marine Biology requires that students complete 16 credits from the following list of courses, as outline below.

Concentration in Molecular and Cell Biology

The Concentration in Molecular and Cell Biology require that students complete 16 credits from the following list of courses below. Students can only chose one 500 level course.

BIOL 303/3370 - Developmental Biology (3 cr. + 1 cr. lab) 
BIOL 411/4150 - Molecular Biology of the Gene (3 cr. + 1 cr. lab) 
BIOL 415/4230 - Immunology (3 cr. + 1 cr. lab) 
BIOL 430/4330 - Tumor Biology (3 cr. + 1 cr. lab) 
BIOL 408/4930 - Selected Topics in Biology (1-4 cr.)  1
BIOL 410/4910 - Guided Studies in Biology (1-4 cr.)  *
BIOT 502/5202 - Cell and Molecular Biology (3 cr.) 
BIOT 504/5204 - Experimental Biotechnology (3 cr.) 

¹Only Molecular and Cell Biology selected topics and guided studies courses will be counted towards the concentration and requires advisor and chairs approval.

Students completing the requirements of Molecular and Cell Biology or Marine Biology Concentration will receive an official certificate endorsing successful completion of the B.Sc. in Biology- Molecular and Cell Biology or Marine Biology Concentration.