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2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]


Coordinator and Minor Advisor: M. Habib

The minor in Mechatronics provides students with broad understanding of the latest developments of synergized interdisciplinary knowledge, design principles, technologies, and practical skills within the growing field of Mechatronics. It serves students in all majors. The Minor in Mechatronics as a unifying interdisciplinary field enables students with such knowledge and practical experience to develop new and innovative solutions across disciplines for highly emerging technical challenges. It is envisaged that the Minor would attract students to be part of the new era of industrialization, widen their views and understanding, develop creative thinking, and to enable students to look forward to a high quality job satisfaction with enhanced career prospects.

The minor in Mechatronics requires to complete (15) credit-hour courses. Students can select their (15) credit-hour from two pools of courses as follow:

I. The first pool of courses is under MENG courses.

It is required to select a minimum of (9) credit-hour from the following list:

II. The second pool of courses is under other SSE departments.

 A maximum of (6) credit-hour to be selected from the following list: