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2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Petroleum Engineering, with concentrations in Energy Resources and Petrochemicals (B.S.)

Bachelor of Science

The program provides high quality education for regional and international students with the capability of managing diversified operations in the petroleum, gas and energy related professions. Graduates are expected to satisfy the demanding market needs and will be able to compete for positions worldwide in one of the highest paying engineering professions. In addition to fostering creative thinking and providing motivation for an ongoing learning experience, the program is intended to develop the capabilities of students to work independently, adapt in multinational environment and acquire leadership qualities.

Students will be admitted to the program either through the AUC admissions office (gate admissions), after satisfying the general admission requirements and grade requirements in mathematics and sciences as declared by the department, or as undeclared and transfer students based on their performance record after successful completion of the criteria courses. Students are advised to consult with the department to ensure that admission criteria have been successfully met. A total of 162 credits must be successfully completed to be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering.

In addition to the B.Sc. degree in Petroleum Engineering, students will be granted a concentration in Energy Resources after completion of 9 credits from the courses listed under concentration electives.


Core curriculum requirements (33 credits)

The remaining 7 credit hours required to satisfy the core are fulfilled by the concentration Science/lab (4 crs) and the capstone projects

  and    (3 crs).

Concentration requirements (78 credits)

Concentration in Energy Resources (6 credits)

To complete the requirements, students must take six credits from the following courses listed under concentration electives:


Completion of PENG courses PENG 2411 , PENG 2415  ,

  , PENG 3411 , PENG 3413 , PENG 3421  , PENG 4421  , and PENG 4422  .

Concentration in Petrochemicals (6 credits)

To complete the requirements, students must take the following two courses listed under concentration electives: