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2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.)

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The Master of Science program in Mechanical Engineering is administered by the Mechanical Engineering Department. The program offers high quality education that prepares students for advanced academic, research and professional careers in one of the following specializations: Design, Industrial Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics and Power.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering are to provide the graduates of the program with:

  • A broad knowledge of modern computational and experimental methods in engineering.
  • Extensive knowledge in one of the following specializations: design, industrial engineering, materials and manufacturing or power and mechatronics.
  • Deep understanding of the research techniques and data analysis in the area of specialization.
  • An ability to solve unstructured engineering problems, think critically, function well in a team, and communicate effectively.
  • A high standard of written and oral communication on technical matters.


A candidate for the master’s program in Mechanical Engineering must have a degree in engineering. Students who have some deficiency in their undergraduate training but are well-qualified in other respects may be admitted provisionally. The Mechanical Engineering Department may prescribe a program of noncredit work to make up for the deficiency.

Courses (24 credit hours)

A minimum of eight courses (24 credit hours) is required. The courses are selected with the help of the advisor and approval of the chair from the following categories:

III- Technical Elective Core Courses (Minimum 9 credit hours in a given area)

Students should select a minimum of three courses from the following elective courses:

IV- General Elective Courses (Maximum 6 credit hours)

The courses are selected from a set of graduate courses in all engineering disciplines, physical sciences, social sciences, management and other related graduate or 400-level courses subject to advisor and chair’s approval.


Graduate thesis work is an important and required part of the Mechanical Engineering Master of Science degree program. Each student must submit a thesis topic that has been approved by a faculty advisor by the end of the first academic year. Various research topics are discussed in ENGR 5940  and ENGR 5941 , Graduate Thesis Seminar I and II. Students must register in ENGR 5940  before submitting a thesis topic and in ENGR 5941  during execution of the thesis research to present their thesis plan. To ensure adequate faculty consultation on the thesis, the student must register for MENG 5981 , Graduate Thesis, by the completion of 18 credit hours. Students must register in MENG 5981  continuously and for at least two semesters. The first two registrations in MENG 5981  must be for three credit hours, after that MENG 5981  is taken for one credit hour each semester until completion of the program requirements.

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