Dec 09, 2022  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Arabic Studies (Graduate Diploma)

An opportunity for students who do not plan to pursue doctoral research or academic careers to study the history, culture, religion, literature, and material culture of the Arab and Islamicate worlds.

An opportunity for students with a background in history, literature, art history, etc. to complement their knowledge with specific study pertaining to the Arab and Islamicate worlds.


Students will take six (6) courses from at least two different disciplinary specializations taught in the department of Arab & Islamic Civilizations.

Two (2) of the six (6) courses should be chosen from the following list:

ARIC 504/5210 - Seminar on a Selected Work or Author in Classical Arabic Literature (3 cr.)  

ARIC 507/5211 - Seminar on Modern Arabic Literature: Nineteenth Century (3 cr.)  

ARIC 508/5212 - Seminar on Modern Arabic Literature: Twentieth Century (3 cr.)  

ARIC 575-576/5222-5223 - Special Studies in Islamic Art and Architecture (3 cr.)  

ARIC 530/5230 - Seminar on a Selected Topic in Medieval Arab/Islamic History, 600-1800 A.D. (3 cr.)  

ARIC 560 - 561/5233-5234 - Special Studies in Middle Eastern History (3 cr.)  

ARIC 524/5240 - Seminar on Selected Topics in Qur’anic Studies (3 cr.)  

ARIC 527/5243 - Selected Topics in Islamic Theology, Sufism or Philosophy (3 cr.)  

Admission Requirements:

Same as for existing MA programs taught in the department. If a student in good standing decides during the course of their diploma that they would like to transfer to an MA program, they may apply via the standard procedure for graduate admissions.