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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Educational Studies Minor

The minor in educational studies is administered by the Department of International and Comparative Education in the Graduate School of Education. This minor offers undergraduate students at AUC an opportunity to study educational issues related to educational reform, as well as theories and practices of teaching and learning. It is an initial base from which they may pursue postgraduate interests in education, and it provides humanities, social sciences or natural sciences majors with an introduction to the professional opportunities available in education.

This minor requires 15 credit hours. The Education and Society and Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning courses are prerequisites required of all students.

Pre-requisite Courses (6 credits)
EDUC 000/2011 - Education and Society (3 cr.)   (Core course, prerequisite)
EDUC 000/2021 - Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning (3 cr.)   (Core course, prerequisite)

EDUC 000/3011 - Educating Children and Youth for a Sustainable Future (3 cr.)  
EDUC 000/3021 - Educational Assessment and Instructional Design (3 cr.)  
EDUC 000/3031 - Education, Civil Society and International Development (3 cr.)  
EDUC 000/4031 - Gender and Education (3 cr.)  
EDUC 000/1099 - Selected Topics for the Core Curriculum (3 cr.)  
EDUC 000/2099 - Selected Topics in Core Curriculum (3 cr.)  
EDUC 000/4098 - Selected Topics for Core Curriculum (3 cr.)