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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Biology (B.S.)

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The undergraduate program at AUC offers interested students a liberal education in biological sciences leading to a Bachelor of Science degree giving graduates the broad background necessary in today’s job market or preparing them for graduate and professional schools.

Students with a B.Sc. degree in biology are securing positions in the growing fields in industry and in academia. The recent advances in biology have created important new industries in genetic engineering, biomedicine, biotechnology, and pharmacology. Students with ambitions beyond the bachelor level are entering graduate schools (in classical and molecular biology) and professional schools (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine).

Students wishing to receive a bachelor of science degree in biology will be required to take a total of 132 credits:

Core Curriculum (33 credits)

The remaining 7 credit hours required to satisfy the core are fulfilled by the concentration Science/lab (4 cr.) and the capstone projects BIOL 495/4980 - Senior Research Thesis (1 cr.) and BIOL 496/4981 - Seminar in Biology (2 cr.)

Biology Requirements (62 credits)

General electives (9 credits)