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2009-2010 Academic Catalog 
2009-2010 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Mathematics (B.S.)

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics develops a level of skill that will enable the student to apply his/her knowledge in industry or teaching and prepares the student for advanced study of mathematics and other fields.

More information on Mathematics as a professional activity and on career opportunities is available on the department webpage:


A total of 130 credits is required for the bachelor’s degree in mathematics.  Students may be exempted from the MACT 131 requirement based on high school certificate and score in mathematics or by passing a placement examination

Core Curriculum (30-42 credits)

The science requirements of the core curriculum electives are satisfied by the collateral requirements of the major.

Concentration Electives (21 credits)

To be chosen from the upper level MACT courses in consultation with the advisor. Students majoring in another Science or Engineering program may transfer up to 12 approved credits from their program toward the completion of these 21 credits if double majoring in Mathematics. See the Mathematics and Actuarial Science Department for details.

Electives (9 to 23 credits)

Courses to be chosen in consultation with the adviser, excluding MACT 100,
MACT 101.

Statistics and Data Analysis Option

Within the bachelor degree in Mathematics, students may choose the Statistics and Data Analysis Option by taking the following courses:

    The 21 credits of concentration electives must include:

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