May 22, 2024  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Department of Economics

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Department of Economics
School of Business

Professors Emeritus: G. Amin, W. Mikhail

Professors: A. Abou-Zaid, A. El-Shennawy, N. Rizk, M. Said, T. Selim, 

Associate Professors: S. Atallah (Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, School of Business), M. Al-Ississ, M. Bouaddi, M. El-Komi, H. El-Ramly, A. Kamaly, J. Salevurakis

Assistant Professors: D. Abdel Fattah (Department Chair), M. Ayad, S. Ali Shah, R. Cardinale, S. Lee

Visiting Assistant Professors: N. Omar, I. Tharwat

Visiting Associate Professor: I. El Khodary

A society’s scarce resources are allocated among various production activities and among various consumers. An economy is made up of business producing goods and services for sale, individuals working, receiving income, and spending that income on the goods and services, and government taxing businesses and individuals and providing services not available from the private sector. The methods in which this complex system is organized and coordinated through a series of interrelated markets is the subject of economics. The basic training in these methods is provided in concentration requirements covering economic theory, statistics, econometrics, finance, development, trade, and economic history.

The Department of Economics offers three graduate programs in economics: an established master’s program and two new programs: an M.A. Economics in International Development and a Graduate Economics Diploma in International Development. Together, these three programs cater to evolving job market needs and keep up with recent developments in the field.

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