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2009-2010 Academic Catalog 
2009-2010 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
School of Sciences and Engineering

Distinguished Lecturer: K. El-Ayat
Professors: A. Abdelbar, A. El-Kadi (Chair), A. Goneid, A. Khalil, A. Rafea, M. N. Mikhail
Associate Professor: M. Mahmoud,  S. Aly, S. El-Kassas
Assistant Professors: J. Gluckman, R. Mameesh

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers two undergraduate degrees: The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.


The term computing refers to a family of disciplines, were Computing Professionals are concerned with the design and analysis of hardware and software to perform new functions or to perform old functions in new ways. The mission of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is to provide a high quality science and engineering education within a liberal arts context to students from Egypt as well as from other countries. The aim is to produce generations of computing scientists and engineers who will be leaders in their profession. The pursuit of excellence is central to the department’s mission, maintaining high standards of academic achievement, professional behavior, and ethical conduct.

Both the Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs at AUC are considered state of the art of their kind; they prepare graduates for a good blend of what the local and international computing job market needs. Although both programs have major intersections spanning primary areas of computing, the difference between the Computer Science major and the Computer Engineering major is similar to the difference between any Science and Engineering degree. A graduate with a Computer Science degree is expected to conduct theoretical work as well as software development, while a graduate with a Computer Engineering degree should be able to design and implement systems that involve the integration of software and hardware systems. Accordingly, Computer Science focuses more on the ability to innovate new computing solutions, new algorithms for solving problems, new programming languages, new software engineering methodologies, and new underlying theories of the domain, with a good flavor of application development. Computer Engineering on the other hand, like any other engineering degree, focuses more on the ability to innovative economic solutions to ongoing computing problems, with a good flavor of computer architectures, embedded systems, distributed systems, computer networking, and hardware interfacing. Both the Computer Science and the Computer Engineering curricula at AUC are compliant with the reputed IEEE/ACM Computing Curricula Guidelines and Standards. The Computer Science program is a four-year program, while the Computer Engineering program is a five-year program.

Students are educated to acquire an appreciation of their responsibilities to society, and to prepare themselves for successful careers and leadership. The department provides an environment in which students develop their critical thinking capabilities, problem solving skills, creative potential, communication skills in English, and proficiency in the tools of learning.

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