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2009-2010 Academic Catalog 
2009-2010 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

The Arabic Language Institute

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Language Institutes

In addition to the degree programs and courses just described, the academic units of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences offer Arabic and English language programs. The Arabic Language Institute provides courses in Arabic for regular degree students and for non-degree students. It also provides intensive Arabic language instruction for non-Arabic speakers. The Intensive English Program and English 100, Academic English for Freshmen, of the English Language Institute provide instruction for students who have been admitted into a degree program but who require further work to achieve the required level of English language proficiency.

Arabic Language Institute

Professor: El S. Badawi (Director, Arabic Language Institute)
Assistant Professors: R. El-Essawi, (Director, TAFL Program), Z. Ibrahim, Z. Taha
Arabic Language Teachers:
M. K. Abdel Salam, H. Abdel Wahab, N. Abdel Wahab, D. Abo El-Seoud (Director,Summer Program), J. Allam (Director, Arabic Language Intensive Program), N. El Assiouti, S. Attalla, K. Al Ekhnawy, S. El-Ezabi, I. Hafez, A.Haidar, N. Harb, M. Hassan, A. Hassanein, N. Korica (Executive Director, Center for Arabic Study Abroad), S. Massoud,  M. S. Moussa (Director, Arabic Language), I. Saad, H. Salem, L. Al-Sawi, M. Scharqawi, S. Serry, I. Soliman, A. Waked, N. Warraki, S.ElWakil, L. White and S. Yacout.

The Arabic Language Institute is responsible for Arabic language instruction within the university’s academic structure. It includes the university’s TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) M.A. program as well as a diploma. The ALI also administers regular non intensive and accelerated courses in Arabic offered for academic credit.

In addition, the ALNG Unit offers courses that cater to undergraduates and graduates who need to fulfill their Arabic requirements. It also serves non-degree and study abroad students. ALNG Unit offers courses at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels in both Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. There are two tracks for Modern Standard Arabic classes: normal and accelerated.

Under the umbrella of the Arabic Language Institute, three intensive programs are administered: the Arabic Language Intensive Program courses (ALIN courses), Arabic Language Intensive Summer Program (ALIS), and the Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA). Students may obtain between 12-15 credits in each of the fall and spring semesters In the Summer Program (ALIS courses), students may obtain from 6-8 credit hours. Students may be able to obtain credit toward an academic degree at their home institution for their Intensive Arabic Language (ALIN) coursework. They should determine their institution’s policy regarding transfer credit before coming to Cairo.

Students registered in the ALIN and wishing to change their program to AUC undergraduate, graduate and non-degree programs have to satisfy the admission requirements listed in the catalog for these programs.

Arabic Language Courses (ALNG)

Director: M. Sami Moussa

All Arabic language credit classes at AUC are administered and taught by the Arabic Language Institute. For details of university Arabic language requirements, see the “General Academic Requirements” section.

Arabic Language Intensive Program (ALIN)

Director: J. Allam

ALIN courses are listed sequentially by area. In this three digit system, the first digit represents the level of the course: 1 for elementary, 2 for intermediate, and 3 for advanced.

Prerequisites are not listed for every course. However, entry into all intermediate and advanced courses presupposes that the student is of intermediate or advanced standing. The instructor’s permission may also be required. Standing will be determined by written and/or oral placement tests for incoming students and sometimes for continuing students.

Arabic Language Intensive Summer Program (ALIS)

Director: D. Abo El Seoud


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