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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

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ENTR 000/5201 - Entrepreneurship and Regional Opportunities (3 cr.)

This is the first of two project-based courses that will focus on Entrepreneurial start-ups and Family Businesses in the MBA. It follows an experiential based learning pedagogy which allows students to explore different opportunities in the MENA and Africa markets that might lead to the creation of a business venture. Throughout this course students will scan regional prospects, create and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, assess resources, test markets, and form teams driven by creativity and leadership that will lead to development of the first stage of an entrepreneurial venture.

In coordination with AUC Venture Lab, students will develop and practice conducting an entrepreneurial pitch, develop a business model to your proposed venture and go through the experience of assessing the feasibility, and the business model of that venture. Students will explore and discover the different ideas and pivot during that stage in an attempt to improve the viability of their proposed venture.

Some of the activities students will be doing in the course:

  1. Assess your personal entrepreneurial capacity
  2. Differentiate between ideas and opportunities
  3. Differentiate between entrepreneurial and management thinking
  4. Scan regional opportunities and evaluate regional start-ups
  5. Experiment with idea generation techniques to help create, develop and assess your ideas
  6. Formulate a business concept, pitch it, defend it, and determine its feasibility
  7. Learn to pivot, modify your business idea as you gain more insights and market information

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