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2007-2008 Academic Catalog 
2007-2008 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Sociology-Anthropology (M.A.)

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The program emphasizes the interdisciplinary role of sociology and anthropology in theoretical and applied research on issues of development and social change in the Middle East and Africa. The program concentrates on gender and religion, social organization, symbolism, theory and methodology, and Arab world studies.


The applicant for this program should be a graduate of high standing from an undergraduate program in any of the human sciences. Those who lack this background but who are exceptionally well qualified in other respects may be admitted provisionally. In such cases the department may prescribe a noncredit program of work in theory or method for one or two semesters to correct deficiencies. Students should normally start the graduate course sequence in the fall.


The candidate for the degree must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English. The language exam is normally taken in Arabic and, in the case of native speakers, is intended to ensure that the student can work as a professional in that language. In some cases a student may offer French, German, or another major language.


Eight courses (24 credits) are required. All students must take:

Remaining Courses

The remaining six courses should be chosen from the list of electives, each of which is offered in principle at least once in a two-year period. A maximum of six hours of 400-level courses in sociology and anthropology or of 500-level courses in other disciplines (including SOC-ANTH-POLS 507 and 576 when taught by faculty outside the SOC-ANTH program) may be taken with departmental approval.

Comprehensive Examination

The written exam covers the theory and methodology of both sociology and anthropology and a field of specialization related to the student’s program of coursework. The exam may not be taken more than twice. An oral examination will be given immediately following the written test if further evidence of the candidate’s knowledge is deemed necessary by the department.


All students must complete a research or library thesis in accordance with university regulations. Before commencing work on the thesis, the student must have a thesis proposal approved by three faculty members.

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