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2007-2008 Academic Catalog 
2007-2008 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Gender and Women’s Studies (M.A.)

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Director: M. Rieker

Master of Arts in Gender and Women’s Studies

The graduate program in Gender and Women’s Studies at AUC offers an interdisciplinary field of analysis that draws its questions and approaches from the humanities and social sciences through investigating how relations of gender are embedded in social, political, and cultural formations. It provides students with an interdisciplinary and transnational perspective with special emphasis on the Middle East and North African region.

The graduate program in gender and women’s studies also prepares graduates for a variety of careers. For example it provides excellent grounding for students with career aspirations in human rights law, health, migration and refugee studies, and social services. Students wishing to pursue doctoral work will also find that interdisciplinary training in gender and women’s studies equips them with theoretical and methodological strengths in most disciplines and applied research fields. Specialists in gender and women’s studies are being hired as consultants in international development agencies, local NGO’s, national government agencies and regional universities all of which require people who have special training in understanding gender relations.


Applicants seeking admission to the graduate program should have an undergraduate degree of high standing (B grade or higher) within the field of the humanities and social sciences and meet the university’s language proficiency exam.

Course Requirements

Eight courses (24 credit hours) are required for the degree.  All students must take the program’s  two signature courses in their first year  In addition, students select six electives at the 500 level across the humanities and social sciences from a selected list. Of these six courses, two 400 level courses may be considered for credit. A maximum of two courses may be taken from other related areas at the 500 level with the approval of the IGWS Graduate Advisory Committee.


A student has three options: (1) An MA Thesis (2) Comprehensive MA Exam or (3) Internship/Thesis.

By keeping the requirements fairly flexible, by offering an internship option, students are able to put together a program most suitable for them. The MA could serve as a steppingstone for further academic training or as qualification for a career in the development industry.

MA Thesis

Students opting for the thesis must complete a thesis according to university regulations.  Students must register for The following GWST course. Before commencing work on the thesis, the student must have a thesis proposal approved by three faculty members, one of whom is on the IGWS Graduate Advisory Committee.

Comprehensive MA Exam

Students opting for the comprehensive exam will need to take an additional two courses.  Students must also register for GWST 588. Following completion of all course requirements, an examination is administered by an interdisciplinary examining board composed of at least one member of the IGWS Graduate Advisory Committee. An oral exam will immediately follow if further evidence of the candidate’s knowledge is deemed necessary.


Students opting for the internship/ thesis option must gain field experience in an international development agency, local NGO or other professional setting approved by the IGWS Graduate Advisory Committee over the period of one semester. In addition, students are required to write a 60 page thesis. Students must register for  the following:

Degree Time Fulfillment

Fulfilling the M.A. in Gender and Women’s Studies normally calls for two years of study.

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