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2007-2008 Academic Catalog 
2007-2008 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)

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Bachelor of Science

The goal of the mechanical engineering program at AUC is to prepare students for entry level professional practice in the mechanical engineering discipline both regionally and internationally, and instill in them the desire for life-long learning that enhances professional growth throughout their careers. Accordingly, the objective of the mechanical engineering program is to graduate engineers who have an appropriate background of mathematics, basic sciences and engineering science applications. Students are introduced to a broad spectrum of mechanical engineering topics augmented by modern engineering experimentation methodology and practice. They also develop a basic understanding of the context in which mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing is practiced, locally and globally, including economic and business practices, societal needs, public health and safety, environmental, cultural and ethical considerations. Graduates are capable of adapting to, and using, the ever evolving engineering tools including computer based methods and procedures in the practice of all aspects of a life long mechanical engineering profession. They are able to solve unstructured engineering problems, think critically, function well in a team, and communicate effectively.

Students are offered mechanical engineering electives concentrated in four areas: The Design concentration integrates elements of the mechanical engineering program and utilizes modern computer methods to enable the engineer to model, analyze and design mechanical components and systems. The Industrial concentration enables the engineer to analyze, design, integrate, automate and manage industrial systems. The Materials and Manufacturing concentration focuses on ways of controlling material composition, treatment, and manufacturing in order to meet design requirements, and achieve desired levels of performance. The Mechatronics concentration focuses on computer programming, automatic control, sensor technology and microprocessor as well as manufacturing techniques.

The program is accredited by both the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

Students should consult the course listings and their faculty advisor on a regular basis to ensure that prerequisites for engineering core, concentration and elective courses are met. A model course plan for the Major is provided by the Department.

A student who intends to major in Mechanical Engineering must submit a Major declaration form upon completion of 45 credit hours.

A total of 162 credits is required for the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering:

Core Curriculum (30-42 credits)

The science requirement of the core curriculum electives is met within the engineering core requirements. Students should take MGMT 307 to meet the liberal arts core elective.

Concentration Electives (21 credit hours)

Courses must be selected from at least two of the four available concentrations of courses. A minimum of twelve credits must be taken from one concentration as follows:

Design Concentration:

A minimum of nine credits from courses in group A of the Design concentration and the remaining three credits from courses in either group of the concentration.

Industrial Concentration:

A minimum of six credits from group A courses of the Industrial concentration and six credits from its group B courses.

Materials and Manufacturing Concentration:

A minimum of six credits from group A courses of the Material and Manufacturing concentration and six from its group B courses.

Mechatronics Concentration:

Students are required to complete the nine credits from the courses in group A of the Mechatronics concentration and the remaining three credits from courses in group B.


In addition, a minimum of six credits must be taken from another area of concentration.

Pending approval of department and relevance of topic, only one of the concentration electives may be substituted for by a MENG 492 course.

Students opting for double concentration will take a minimum of twenty four credits, such that the minimum requirements of each area of concentration are satisfied.

General Electives (0-9 credits)

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