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2009-2010 Academic Catalog 
2009-2010 Academic Catalog [Published Catalog]

Rhetoric and Writing Minor

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In line with the AUC mission “to advance proficient use of the tools of learning,” the Rhetoric and Writing Minor aims to enhance student writing qualifications for workplace competence, graduate success, and personal expression. It provides the opportunity to communicate in written, oral, and visual form in a variety of academic, business/technical, and genre-specific writing contexts.

Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Rhetoric and Writing Minor, students will be able to:

  • draw upon critical/creative problem-solving abilities to communicate effectively within a complex, professional rhetorical situation
  • employ multi-modal appeals (written, oral, visual) appropriate to the rhetorical occasion
  • create and/or tailor documents to address a variety of audiences, contexts and purposes
  • demonstrate understanding and proficient use of genre-specific conventions
  • uphold ethical standards in research methodology, documentation and research dissemination

Requirements (15 credits):

Students who opt to minor in Rhetoric and Writing must have completed RHET 201 with a minimum grade of B-.

To fulfill the 15 credits for the Rhetoric and Writing Minor, students take:

  • 9 credits in an emphasis area (academic, business/technical or specialized genre),
  • 3 credit hours in a second emphasis area, and
  • 3 credits in any area of their choice

Rhetoric and Writing Minor courses may be double-counted for:

  • Core Curriculum credit at the secondary level
  • Core Curriculum credit at the capstone level

Rhetoric and Writing Minor courses may NOT be double-counted for:

  • RHET Writing requirements in the Core (3-9 credits)
  • Major/Concentration credit

Students who have already taken any of the writing courses below as electives or Core courses (as described above) may count credits retroactively.


Course list by emphasis area:

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