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    The American University in Cairo
  Feb 25, 2018
2017-2018 Academic Catalog

Department of Physics

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Department of Physics
School of Sciences and Engineering

Professors: S. Arafa, H. Omar, S. El-Sheikh, A. Shaarawi, S. Sedky
Associate Professors: A. El Fiqi, E. Abdel-Rahman, E. Soliman (Chair)
Assistant Professors: K.Addas, M.AlFiky, M. Swillam, N. Allam, A. Galal, J- El Rifai.

Physics is the most fundamental of the Physical Sciences. Physics lead to a deepened understanding of the phenomena in the world around us. The discipline of Physics is a training of the mind, and a methodology for approaching and solving problems. The significance of Physics is manifested in its accomplishments in the development of the Scientific Method as well as providing and important component of all physical sciences and engineering disciplines.

Physics has always attracted special students, challenged by modern theories that shaped and are still shaping our understanding of the universe like the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, superconductivity and particle physics; just to name a few. A degree in Physics leaves one poised to enter many professions that include but are not limited to traditional physics. The discipline of Physics teaches skills that are transferable to many other professions, including electronics, computer and oil industries. These transferable skills include: mathematical modeling, problem solving, designing experiments, interpretation of experimental data, reflecting on answers before trusting them, research experience, laboratory techniques and communication skills.


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