Dec 11, 2019  
2009-2010 Academic Catalog 
2009-2010 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Rhetoric and Composition

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Department of Rhetoric and Composition
School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor: E Golson (Chair)
Assistant Professors:
J. Estava Davis,  E Coletu, B. Gironda
Senior Instructors:
R. Byford, A. El Shimi, R . Hoath , L. Holdijk (Associate Chair), S. Makhlouf, G. Marquis, G. McCullough, K. Saville, M. Shabka  
A. Abou Setta , M. Amin, J. Austin, P. Barsoum, D. Blevins (on leave), P. Borkowski, H. Browne,, M. Carter, V. Clark,  B. Comer, J. Drake, Y. El Masry, G. El Shimi, C. Faulk, A. Fields, D. Fyfe, M. Gibson, I. Hamam, M. Hassan, T. Headrick, M. Henry, N. Houssney, D. Jones, S. Khabbar, A. Leone, J. Maklad , S. McEwen , M. Mikhael, Y. Motawy, Sh. Nour el Din, H. Shahin, L. Sperazza, J. Verlenden, D. Vilmure, W. Wali, T. Warren, L. Youssef, S. Zaki

Rhetoric is the study of situations and practices that give rise to human communication. With training in both argumentation and analysis of symbolic and institutional discourses, rhetoricians study how meaning and persuasion function in a wide variety of contexts. Composition is the study and material practice of generating ideas for exchange. Using these two pillars to shape coursework, the Department of Rhetoric and Composition provides a solid foundation in persuasive and analytic writing and speaking in a variety of multi-modal, discipline-specific, and interdisciplinary genres.

Department Outcomes

  1. Attract and sustain qualified faculty who understand, value, and teach the richness and interplay of differences in written and spoken rhetoric produced in a variety of contexts, and who are committed to the teaching of the cognitive and material practice of generating ideas for exchange.
  2. Create, revise, and maintain course offerings that evidence best practices in the discipline.
  3. Promote mastery of writing throughout the campus via course offerings, Writing Center, and other department activities.


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