May 26, 2020  
2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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PSYC 410/4011 - Cultural Psychology (3 cr.)

   and junior or senior standing.

This course will explore the nature of different psychological systems (or “ethnopsychologies”) that exist throughout the world and the complex relation of these to western psychology.  Topics to be covered include the relationship of culture to human development, personality, psychopathology, and psychotherapy, paying particular attention to the impact of social change and cultural contact.  This course will also address some major issues in applied psychology from a cultural and international perspective.  The successful student will leave this course with an appreciation of the cultural underpinnings of western psychology, an in-depth understanding of the limitations of universalist perspectives, and a new appreciation for cultural and psychological diversity.

When Offered
Offered occasionally.

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